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We have come into existence to give people throughout the United States a greater opportunity to mobilize and influence issues where we feel the American principles of freedom and opportunity for all are likely to be endangered in a Trump Presidency. More specifically these are the issues of immigration; oppression of races and cultures; environmental responsibility; world peace and international understanding; educational and vocational opportunity; gender equality and healthcare for all. HMMN is not about “bringing down” Donald Trump’s administration, and we will not be obstructionist to actions, policies and proposals which are not endangering the above core issues. We will be non-partisan, and will reach out to include not only those who voted against Trump, but also those who might have voted for him (perhaps on economic policy issues, or because of disapproval of the alternatives), but are nonetheless concerned about his rhetoric and actions related to our core issues.


How we will work: We oppose and will not support in any way violent protest. We are also not about campaigning for or against any specific candidates. Beyond that, we will seek together any effective method that helps our voices be heard on our core issues. Initially, we will network with others to work on these crucial issues

We expect to utilize the internet and social networking sites in ways that are positive, truthful and powerful.

How We Will Work
The Issues

Huddled Masses Mobilization Network

What we are about: