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Action Assistance

Here are some ways to follow through with your desire to take action on the issues we have outlined:

Contributing Financially: On the page for each issue we have listed organizations which are fighting for the principles we espouse. We are not seeking to "re-invent the wheel", but rather are wanting to connect people with such organizations. If you know of other effective organizations, let us know!

Take a Public Stand While marching in the streets is not the only way to be heard, such protests do grab the attention of the media and public officials. But how do you get informed on when and where these marches occur? Some are promoted in your local area by local Council of Churches. A national listing can be found at Ascent of the Resistance (www.facebook.com/notes/the-ascent-of-the-resistance/list-of-dates-for-marches) Also see www.facebook.com/Fire-the-Fool-Declaration-Rally

Write Officials: We are advising a goal of writing a letter at least every week on one of the issues we have outlined   But don't send mere form letters (or merely sign such letters sent out by political organizations.) It is most effective to write your own letter and send it to your own state's representatives and officials. A good guide is the one provided by the newly-formed "indivisible" web site. Find this guide at www.indivisibleguide.com. While we don't advise form letters, here is a sample letter (actually sent) to which you may refer: 

Attend a Conference: Conferences on standing up for these justice issues can be found at Sojourners (www.sojo.net) and the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America (www.bpfna.org).