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"Every great idea is simple. Here is mine. If evil men can work together to get what they want, so can good people work together to get what they want." - from  a film version of Tolstoy's War and Peace

Taking Action!

There is a variety of ways to take action on the issues which we outline. PLEASE NOTE: Even if you don't oppose Trump's policies on all the issues we feature, still, Take Action! Nothing is a package deal. Choose the actions you care about and act! Here are some good choices:

Financially support charities and NGO's. For each of the issues we list, we suggest groups that help in that area. Don't just gripe, invest in positive answers!

Take a public stand. Join marches in your community. Attend public forums where the issues are discussed, and take a stand. Stay tuned to your local media outlets to remain informed.

Write Senators, Representatives and Public Officials. Don't just sign form letters, compose your own. To find your relevant official, see https://www.usa.gov/elected-officials